A Quick Look At Lawyer Advertising History

Did you know that lawyer advertising was banned until the mid-1970s? Want to know a little more about lawyer advertising? Read on

The Industrial Revolution was a decisive moment in history that marked major changes in agriculture, mining, transportation and manufacturing. There began an increase in individuals who can afford to buy not only the things they need, but also the things they want. It is the time that advertising gained ground. Advertisements for different products and services appeared in newspapers and buildings, including lawyer advertising.

Many well-established lawyers were against it. They said this would lessen the sanctity of the law, especially in the publics eyes. Moreover, it was like comparing the practice of law to a business enterprise. In 1908, lawyer advertising (except business cards) was banned by the American Bar Association (ABA) through its code of ethics, the Canons of Professional Ethics. This continued up to the mid-1970s. In1977, in the Bates v. State Bar of Arizona case, the United States Supreme Court allowed lawyer advertising on grounds of the publics right to know. The Court gave the responsibility to the Bar to regulate lawyer advertising. The Bar responded by making modifications to their code of ethics to adopt the changes.

To this day, states have adopted the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct and modified it according to their needs and objectives, expressing their attitude to lawyer advertising and the publics right to information. Each state has a set of rules that govern lawyers in their area. So if you are a lawyer, or you engage in marketing for personal injury lawyers, it is best to acquaint yourself first with these rules. You need to know the limitations, requirements and ethics opinions.

Lawyers who wish to market themselves invest in Yellow Page Advertising. Here are some of the data gathered on Yellow Page Advertising for Lawyers by the Yellow Pages Association in 2003.
Yellow Page Advertising for Lawyers amounted to $1.037 billion
Attorneys as a category is referenced 328.3 million times yearly
Lawyers spent nearly as much on Yellow Page Advertising as on insurance – $387.9 million

Studies conducted also show that 90% of Yellow Pages Advertising display are
for Personal Injury (45%), Bankruptcy (20%), Criminal (12%), Family Law(10%), Workers compensation (7%).

The Popular Types Of Lawyers

The world of law is a vast and confusing world for those who have not been taught to understand its language and complexity. But there are many, many people who choose to spend years in college simply so they can understand this world. They are lawyers.

All lawyers are taught the basics of the law, but after learning the basics they generally become specialized in one or a few areas of law, such as divorce or criminal justice. They do this so they can be proficient in all the cases they handle rather than somewhat knowledgeable in some of the cases they handle. Of course, there are a few specialized areas that get a little more attention than the rest.

Criminal justice is a very tough and challenging form of law, and criminal lawyers are one of the most popular types of lawyers. They usually deal with cases such as robbery, assault, murder, etc. They must defend the person being accused of a crime similar to one of those mentioned. These attorneys understand the law so well that they can often use loopholes to the benefit of their client; their job is to prove their innocence through any legal means necessary.

Personal and business bankruptcy is always a problem, but it is even more of a problem with the economy suffering as it is today. Bankruptcy law is another popular field of study for attorneys. These lawyers help distressed individuals and businesses sort out their finances.

They often work with lenders and lending institutions to get debts reduced or eliminated, and if bankruptcy needs to be filed than they will make sure it is filed properly using all the correct, legal routes and paperwork. They can be a big help for those filing bankruptcy.

Accident lawyers or personal injury lawyers as they are properly known are popular and are gaining in popularity. These lawyers advertise frequently on television, promising to help you receive proper compensation from insurance companies or individuals for hospital bills, necessary repairs, and pain and suffering.

They generally help those who have been in car accidents, work-related accidents, or any type of injury that was due to negligence or wrongdoing. They can be found in every state. If you are in Pennsylvania and you need a Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer, you are guaranteed to find one.

The three mentioned above may be some of the most popular types of lawyers, but they are by no means the only ones out there. Many of them prefer to handle divorce, civil law, or even real estate. If a lawyer is needed you are sure to find one that will suit your needs.

San Antonio Auto Accident Lawyer Game And Barratry

Frio county vehicle accident lawyers specializing in vehicle accident law, with all their familiarity as well as methods of procuring prospects has changed. Lawyers abilities to expertly evaluate bodily injuries and pursue injury claims on behalf of the injured party are of utmost importance. Though the ambulance chasing is done, at least in the state of Texas. One would think. When you find your spouse trapped behind the wheel of your truck or re-gaining consciousness in an ER on oxygen, don’t expect legal help to be standing there … legal direction has to be looked for by none other than yourself and is greatly advised that you do. San AntonioTexas auto accident lawyers are everywhere and so are auto accident lawyers in your city, town or county. You won’t have any trouble finding one. If you found this article on the internet its definitely a good start. There is always the yellow pages, which I haven’t used in years. Your best bet is to just continue reading.

The dishonest work by auto accident lawyers to solicit you the minute after an auto accident, occasionally called barratry is still done in the present day. In truth, numerous multi-million dollar lawsuits lawyers on attorneys have developed because of it. Would it be wise to engage a Eagle Pass auto accident lawyer or lawyer within your county? Yes. Seeking a lawyer specialized to your county is awfully significant. These attorneys are acquainted with the judges and courts in their cities moreover work these courts daily. For the notation it is against the law for a motorcycle traffic incident lawyer to solicit you once an auto accident has occurred.

In Nueces County, warfare has broken out over barratry. Lawyers are suing lawyers, looking to overturn multimillion-dollar settlements of cases they say were acquired illicitly. South Texas reform within Austin seem to be cratoring. The Texas legal system and laws prohibits attorneys, doctors, and many other professionals or their representatives from making direct or indirect solicitations of clients, including phone calls and visits. Texas law states the offense is a third-degree criminal act and can also get an attorney disbarred. I’ve known a few San Antonio auto accident lawyers over the years, not one however that has gotten into trouble, at least I think so.

With reference to statistics from the State Bar of Texas, complaints in regards to unlawful solicitation or marketing are rare, and seldom result in dangerous cost. All the additional reason to get a sincere veteran San Antonio auto accident lawyer. If the state of Texas can’t show its honest records, yet these cases exists, you’re better-off seeking an decent successful attorney that specializes in auto accidents and won’t be standing by your bedside or blowing up your cell phone. These guys obviously wish for your business and look as if hungry, nevertheless remember, they are violating Texas state law. Would you intend to become an accomplice to your San Antonio auto accident lawyer being sued by another lawyer?

The Arrest, Booking And Bail Explained By An Indianapolis Dui Lawyer

In such a case when a police officer has established probable cause to prosecute a DUI arrest, this article’s three step description of the initial DUI case will be very useful. We will examine what happens during your arrest, booking, and bail.


If you observe the letter of the law and interpret the legal terminology, an arrest occurs when you are in police custody and believe you no longer have the freedom to leave the area. To be very clear, when a police officer has you under his authority, he has in effect arrested you. Thus, you have been arrested if a handcuff is put on you or you get thrown into the back of the policeman’s auto.

Reasons for the arrest include being seen while committing a crime by a police officer, or the deduction of some probable cause for a committed crime. If there is a warrant out for your arrest prior to this incident, the officer may arrest you in service to that warrant. Frequently, an officer will pull someone over for other traffic violations like speeding, having expired registration tags or a broken tail light or headlight. As soon as the officer has conducted the traffic stop, there could be signs to alert him to give him probable cause for an arrest for DUI. Other situations that might cause someone to be arrested for DUI are if there has been an accident or if the police have set up a sobriety checkpoint.

Once you have been pulled over for DUI and the officer has checked your registration and your driver’s license, they will usually have you do a field sobriety test or portable breathalyzer test to help give them an early indication of your blood alcohol amount. Here you have the right to ask for getting in touch with an experienced Indianapolis DUI lawyer. Additionally, they will give some field sobriety tests that will let them judge your coordination and how the alcohol might have influenced your driving capability.

If the results of your field sobriety test, in particular the portable breathalyzer test, show a reading of 0.08% or more, most states believe this is sufficient probable cause to arrest you. But, if the results of the portable breathalyzer test come back lower than 0.08%, the officer can still arrest you if they think that you are under the influence to the extent that your driving ability is affected adversely. If you believe your arrest or the process of giving the field sobriety test was performed unlawfully or incorrectly, you should give all of these details to your Indianapolis DUI lawyer right away.


Upon your arrest for DUI, the police will drive you to police headquarters or a different central location to get you booked. The procedure of getting booked is administrative, where the police officer needs specific information about you and the arrest and does other administrative duties. They will want information as specific as the sequence of events around your DUI arrest, and as general as your biographical details. A background check will be performed to search for records of any past criminal activities. Fingerprinting and photographing will also take place. You will be searched and the police officer will take your personal effects and make an inventory of everything so when those things are given back to you, there is a record of what personal affects you had. If no one posts bail for you, the last step is placement in a holding cell at the local jail or a police station.


Bail is normally an option for individuals who wish to get out of custody by paying money. As a stipulation of this release, you swear to show up at all of your scheduled court proceedings, including arraignment, preliminary hearings, pre-trial motions, the trial and the sentencing.

Bail normally is available right after you get booked, but if there is a delay, the judge will decide whether or not to let you be released on bail. The amount of bail will be a set amount or the judge might base it on your prior criminal history, including past DUIs, how serious they are, and if anyone was hurt or any accidents occurred. And finally, on the plus side, the judge will examine your links to the community, to your family, any community organizations with which you are involved or your job. It could be a factor in lowering the bail amount.

For individuals who cannot afford the bail money, you can hire a bail bond company, which will put up a bond on your behalf with a promise that the whole amount will be paid if you fail to go to your court appearance as you have pledged to do. Usually a 10% fee (of the total bail) is charged by bail bond outfits for the service.

Sometimes judges will skip the bail and let you go on your own recognizance. As part of the tradeoff, however, you will most likely be required to not leave a certain area as your case is being prosecuted. Some factors are examined such as links to the community, your family and your job when the judge makes decisions about if he is going to release you on your own recognizance. The judge can order an immediate arrest for you if you failed to appear at your required court appearances. It is absolutely essential that you and your Indianapolis DUI lawyer go to every one of your court dates.

How To Prepare For A Consultation With A Car Accident Lawyer In Las Vegas

Most car accident lawyers will offer you the chance to have a free consultation before proceeding with your personal injury claim. The purpose of this consultation will be to allow you the opportunity to decide if this is the right Las Vegas car accident lawyer for you, and to allow the lawyer the opportunity to decide if your case is worth pursuing. For this reason, this initial consultation is arguably the most important part of choosing a car accident lawyer. Consequently, it is incredibly important that you are adequately prepared for this consultation. In order to help you do this, I would like to offer you a simple three step process that can help you prepare for your consultation with a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas.

Step 1: Complete and return any paperwork which is sent to you by the lawyer you will be consulting with.

Typically, the first thing that a Las Vegas car accident lawyer will do after scheduling your initial consultation is to mail you questionnaires which must be filled out. In most cases, the lawyer will request that these questionnaires be sent back to them prior to actually meeting face to face. This is because the purpose of these questionnaires is to provide the lawyer with all the information they need in order to best prepare themselves for your consultation. This is why it is always best to take the time to complete these questionnaires and mail them back before moving forward with your own preparation. If the lawyer’s office is located close to your home or office, you may find that it is best to deliver these questionnaires personally to ensure they are received in adequate time to allow for any follow up questions the lawyer may have.

Step 2: Create a list of questions which you will need answered during your consultation.

Perhaps the most important part of your consultation with a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas is the opportunity for you to collect a wealth of information on both the lawyer you are consulting, and the process which will be required in order to pursue your personal injury claim. Unfortunately, many people fail to take advantage of this opportunity because when the time comes they simply cannot recall all of the questions which they intended on asking. This is why it is always a good idea to commit all of your questions to paper prior to the date of your consultation. This will help to ensure that you do not forget to ask any of the questions which are important to your process of choosing the best lawyer to represent you. Keeping this list in a convenient place such as your refrigerator until the date of your consultation will allow you to easily add any questions which may come to you as you prepare yourself for this important meeting.

Step 3: Gather all documentation and evidence which is relevant to your case.

Finally, you will need to take the time to gather any documentation or evidence that you currently have in your possession or can easily gain access to. The reason for this step is to allow you the opportunity to convince the lawyer you are consulting with that your case is worth the risk they will be taking by choosing to represent you. Documents which can help you to accomplish this goal will include police reports from the day of your accident, all medical reports and documentation which pertain to your injuries, witness statements from people who were present when your accident occurred, and any photographs which you may have of either the accident scene or your injuries.