Gevey Sim For Unlocking The Iphone, Legal Or Not

After several months waiting, the Gevey sim which unlock the iPhone 4 basebands 2.10.04 / 3.10.01 / 4.10.01 free many iphone users just like me.However,You will find already been lots of talk about Gevey , whether its worth to purchase and does it works together with all the networks around the world. But besides these types of there are some interesting facts that you should know about Gevey Sim. Recently MuscleNerd of iPhone Dev Team says its illegal to use Gevey Sim. In response to MuscleNerd’s statement Gevey team and the ApplenBerry said its not ILLEGAL. So before going into this discussion, I recommend reading the detailed analysis of Gevey tubor sim hack from here.Its surprising to see how people believe all the things they read on the internet! When a dev-team member shouts that gevey tubor sim is illegal, you will notice lots of websites publishing about how terribly unlawful the gevey sim is actually. Do you people avoid seeing that this is simply a gang war: The software unlockers against the hardware unlockers. Devteam’s method is definitely not much more legal then the hardware unlock technique. Think on your own: Do you consider Apple likes the Dev-team hacking into their iOS devices and adding functionality that Apple itself does not want.Regarding Gevey: there is nothing illegal about this. You actually need to day-to-da 112 to activate the Gevey unlock. And No you don’t let it connect! You simply press 112 and hang up method before connects! ( yes it really is illegal to dail 112 and wait until it connects, but there is no need for that at all) I have been using my gevey sim for more than a week now and im pleased with it.Perhaps some day i’ll be using the Devteam unlock technique again.
Both are quite nice for a simple user like myself and I appreciate both Gevey and the devteam for the contribution to the iphone scene. Just don’t fall for the things that they shout about eachother in their war in who is best/fastest to unlock the latest iphone. Share your better idea with us here if you have.How it work? 1. Have your iPhone 4 , gevey sim and desired sim card in hand.
2. Cut a section away on your desired the same width as the chip on gevey sim.
(This area that you are cutting will not damage the chip as it contains unneeded components.You simcard will still work perfectly well in other iPhone 4 without using the gevey sim)
3. Insert gevey sim together with your desired simcard into your iPhone 4.Then power on the iPhone.
4. Do not do anything until phone get one bar signal, then it will disply ‘NO SERVER’.
5. Then call emergency number 112, then hung up after 2 sec.
6. Switch ON Flight Mode and OFF again. It will display SIM CARD ACTIVATION FAILED,after sometime it will display NO SIM CARD.
7. Once you get NO SIM CARD message then TURN OFF Flight Mode right away, The SIM FAILURE will show Signal after few second.
8. Job done.